The shop4support team

Our in-house team sits on the front lines, helping people solve problems and make the most of shop4support. If you have a query and need to speak to a team member please call us on 0333 600 6330 or use our contact form.

From left to right then top to bottom:

  1. Richard Henry (IT Service Desk Analyst);
  2. Furheen Mohammed (Senior Quality Analyst);
  3. Jane Norris (Business Analyst);
  4. Lee Jones (Software Development Director);
  5. David Bowes (Director);
  6. Ian Price (Social Care Product Manager);
  7. Chris Cockburn (Quality Analyst);
  8. Kate Whalin (Product Manager);
  9. Jeff Dunlop (Account Manager);
  10. Karen Winstanley (Provider Support Executive);
  11. Ivern Forde (Graphic Designer);
  12. William Li (Design Manager)