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The Manchester Community Alarm Service has been operating for 28 years offering a 24/7 service which currently supports over 7,000 people to live independently in their own homes, with the assurance, they can summon help quickly if they get into difficulty. The Service operates from a Control Centre based in Gorton, Manchester, we have a dedicated team of trained Response Officers ready to help you any time of the day or night, if you feel unwell, you may have fallen, been a victim of crime or simply in need of reassurance.

If you would like a demonstration of a Community Alarm please contact us and we would be delighted to visit you at your home.

Testimonals from customers:-

"It is with great pleasure that I thank you and your team for the help you gave my father Mr.J Beswick while I was away on holiday, I was assured that my father would be alright…. and he certainly was. My father was completely at ease with the visits and this can only benefit him in the future".

Mr. P Beswick

"I would just like to say a big thank you for the service I have received since the system was installed for me. It has been my lifeline on several occasions… I would like to pass on my thanks to the staffs that have operated the system over the years".

Mrs Woolham

What is Community Alarm

What is it?

Community alarm is the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time in order to manage the risks associated with independent living. The Community system ensures that a minor event does not turn into a crisis by making sure that when an alarm is raised, an appropriate response is provided promptly.

How does it work?

There are four key elements to a Community Alarm:

  • A Community Alarm unit is installed in a property or in sheltered housing a hard wired system is used.
  • The control based in Gorton Manchester receives alarm activations and the Response Officer will speak to the service user. In some cases a local paging system to alert a carer / or next of kin locally is also applicable
  • Appropriate responses to the alarm, may be provided by Community Alarm Response Officers, family and friends, emergency services.
  • Community Alarm sensors that raise an alarm when required. These are generally battery powered and signal wirelessly

What are the main service user outcomes from using the Community Alarm service?

There are four key elements to a Telecare service:

  • Maintain/enhance independence
  • Delay/avoid admission to residential care
  • Reduce hospital admissions
  • Reduce the duration of hospital admission
  • Support carers by contributing to reducing anxiety and stress
  • Safeguarding by minimising risks associated with living independently at home
  • Help support and protect victims of crime

How do I know what I need?

Look at the solutions page and the packages page or contact the team

How will it benefit me financially?

A Community alarm will help to prevent, delay or reduce the costs associated with more expensive social care services

Do I have to pay?

Yes - we offer 2 levels of service

Monitoring Service

The cost for this service will be £2.83 per week.

When the customer presses their alarm or a sensor triggers, a member of staff from Community Alarm will call you to offer advice and reassurance. If necessary, Community Alarm will contact a nominated person, your next of kin or the emergency services.

Monitor & Response Service

The cost for this service will be £4.68 per week.

When the customer presses their alarm or a sensor triggers, a member of staff from Community Alarm will call you to offer advice and reassurance. Where necessary, Community Alarm will contact a nominated person, your next of kin or the emergency services. Where appropriate and if you are a Manchester resident, Community Alarm will send out a fully trained Response Officer to assist the customer.

The community alarm equipment remains the property of Manchester City Council and it is our responsibility to maintain this equipment and to ensure that an appropriate 24/7 response is made to every activation made by the customer.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check their pendant on a monthly basis to ensure that their unit is working properly.

What is included?

These levels of service consist of a base unit and pendant which can be worn on a wrist strap or around the customer’s neck. It is aimed at service users who may feel vulnerable for example as a result of an accident or due to the fact that they live alone. Visit the "Solutions" part of our store to read more. We also offer different Assistive technology sensors, which can viewed on the "Packages" part of our store.

If you are receiving our Monitor and Response service you will also be provided with a Key Safe (Police approved) free of charge, this will enable us to access your property in the event of an emergency situation. Your unique access code will only be used by us and shared with emergency services.

Once a unit and pendant are installed and providing you are paying for the full service £4.68 any ‘add on’ equipment such as additional sensors will be installed and monitored at no further cost.

All that is required is a telephone line which is able to both take incoming and outgoing calls and an electrical power point. If the alarm or a sensor is activated, a message is sent to the control where trained response officers take the most appropriate action, whether it be contacting a family member, neighbor, doctor, or the emergency service or dispatching Response Officers to the customer’s property.

Can I add extra's?

Yes - Details of some of the potential assistive technology sensors can be viewed in the "Solutions" part of our store. Alternatively, you can submit us with a request for more information, detailing what it is you are concerned about and we will advise you on the potential solutions.

Contact Details

Community Alarm Service
Families, Health and Well Being Directorate, Manchester City Council, 3rd Floor, Wenlock Way Office,Wenlock Way, M12 5DH

0161 273 2574

0161 277 8266


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