Free to go

Free To Go

About us

Do you want to become confident to get around on Public Transport?

  • Worried about making a new or unfamiliar journey?
  • Taxi's costing a fortune?
  • Starting a new job, college, or just wanting to get to a social outing?
  • Family and Carer's unavailable at the time you need to travel?
  • Never travelled independently before?

We can work with you on the journeys or routes you regularly wish to travel to increase your independence and enable you to enjoy better access and take advantage of opportunities available to you.

Our qualified and experienced Staff offer one-to-one support tailored to your individual requirements.

'Free to Go' supports people with disabilities with their travel needs.

Employing a Coordinator and a Team of Travel Support Staff, we are a professionally trained team who view each individual as unique and are proud of our ability to tailor the support we provide to your personal circumstances, strengths, needs and requirements.

We have a strong commitment to reducing inequalities created by difficulties in getting around from place to place and enable access to wider opportunities & all that life has to offer, including: Social activities, College / Education; work: Shopping etc.